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  • 5 Ways to Become a Better Person Every Day

    In order to be the best (version of yourself), you first have to be better. This article will share with you how to become better every day. Try these little things and you will be getting closer to becoming “The Best Version of Yourself” 🙂
  • Personal OKRs: A Goal Setting Technique that Turns your New Year’s Resolution into Reality

    We believe almost everyone has written down New Year’s Resolutions. However, most of us found those yearnings rarely successful.  So why do the wr...
  • How to Use 1% Planner: 5 Simple Steps

    Have you ever planned to do many things, but you didn't have time to complete them? or do you feel overwhelmed by the things you have to do? Or wo...
  • 8 Simple Daily Rituals that will Help You Succeed

    Success doesn’t come overnight. Instead, it requires a number of consistent changes in your life that would take you one step closer to your goals every day. These 8 Simple daily rituals will help you become more steadfast and in control of your day.
  • How To Be Productive: 10 Simple Ways To Get More Done

    10 Simple Ways to Get More Things Done. Many of these tips are easy to get started. Pick a few to implement and become more productive now!
  • How to write your Personal Mission and Vision Statements (Quick Guides + Examples)?

    A definitive guide to writing your own personal mission and personal vision statements. If you want a compass of your life, this article will help you get it!