How to Use 1% Planner: 5 Simple Steps

Have you ever planned to do many things, but you didn't have time to complete them? or do you feel overwhelmed by the things you have to do? Or worse, you couldn't remember what you planned to do?

These problems can be solved with this 1% Planner which is built on proven concepts such as OKRs, Positive Affirmation, Daily Ritual, and Journaling, in order to help you become 1% better every day.

Undated & created for 90-day productivity cycle, contains 224 pages of premium-quality paper with lay-flat binding and comes with 3 habit trackers and 3 affirmation cards.

If you want to foster productive habits, focus on what matters, and magnify your achievements, this 1% Planner is for you!

In this article, we will share with you how 1% Planner works and how to get the best out of it.

5 Steps to using 1% Planner

Step 1: Write your quarterly OKR & Quarterly Plan

Start planning your Quarterly OKRs. Think of the objectives and key results you want to achieve in this quarter. 

For example, if you want to focus on your self-development. Your O could be Become a better and healthier person. And KR for this O could be 1. Read 6 books 2. Meditate everyday 3. Exercise 5 times a week.

The 1% Planner limits you to only 3 objectives so that you can stay focused. 

Then, elaborate on how to make these areas of your life better in your quarterly plan.

Step 2: Write your Affirmation Card & Habit Tracker

Write anything that you want to happen to you on your Affirmation card. Examples of positive affirmation are "I believe in myself", "I will eat and rest well" or "I commit to learning new things".

Put them in your wallet or anywhere convenient so that you can read them every day. Also, It's recommended to read it out loud.

Next, write your morning and evening rituals on Habit Tracker. These should be positive actions that you want to become your habits, such as working out, meditation, or reading a book. Use this Habit Tracker to check your everyday habits. 

Cross it if you complete it, slash it if you've partially done it, strike it out if you decide to skip it, and do nothing if you forget it.

Step 3: Write your Weekly Plan

On Sunday evening, take time to write your Weekly Plan. Try to think of things in these areas that will make your week great. Write down your top 5 focuses that you want to accomplish this week. 

Step 4: Plan and review your day on Daily Journaling pages

Every morning, use your daily plan pages to track your sleeping habits and daily rituals. Then, write down your morning thoughts and top 3 focuses. Then in the evening, reflect on today's learning and 3 things you are grateful for today.

Pages on the right side are free form. You can use it to write anything down.

Step 5: Review your weekly plan & Quarterly OKRs

Every Sunday, review your week on the weekly plan page. It’s recommended to update your Quarterly OKRs every week too.

At the end of the quarter, review your quarter on the Quarterly Review page. Write down highlights of the quarter, things you are proud of, and things you find challenging. So that you will get yourself prepared for the upcoming quarter.


1% Planner is the ultimate journal for people who want to be better. It helps you track your goals, habits, and gratitude in a simple and easy to use format.

Take the 1% Planner wherever you go and make journaling become your habit and by following these 5 simple steps, you will be on a journey of becoming 1% better every day.

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