Affirmation: a Tool to Make Your Dreams Come True

“It’s too hard. Maybe I’m not good enough.”

“Why do I fail at everything?!”

“Why do bad things keep happening to me?”

Have you ever come across these thoughts every once in a while?  

If yes, we’d like to recommend you try looking back to see if those thoughts actually became reality.

What about these? Have you ever thought about yourself this way? and how often these thoughts REALLY became reality? 

“I’m sure I’ll make it.”

“I’m good enough to do this.”

“Today is going to be my good day.”

What we’re trying to tell you is if your thoughts often did COME TRUE, that’s normal. 

This reality aligns with one of Buddha’s teachings, which says “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create”. Simple as that.

Whatever lingers in your thoughts and mind ACTUALLY happens to you.   

In this article, we will share with you a simple tool that helps you develop good thoughts that, in turn, influence you to do good and achieve good things in the end. 

It’s called the “Affirmation” 🙂

So what is Affirmation?

Affirmation is when you convince, discuss with or command your brain to believe in what you keep repeating to yourself. The way you talk to or instruct your brain to believe can persuade your behavior, thoughts, way of life and habits to follow what you believe.

If what you talk to or instruct your brain is a Positive Affirmation, there is a tendency you will do, think and live positively as being led.

However, if what you talk to or instruct your brain is a Negative Affirmation, there is a tendency you will do, think and live negatively as being led.

A lot of research indicated that a Positive Affirmation with oneself is beneficial. Information from Self-Affirmation theory and results of brain MRI scan also pointed out that Affirmation activates certain parts of the nervous system (particularly the self-related processing). 

How to Use Positive Affirmation

There’s re just 2 simple steps:

List all positive affirmations you want to convince yourself (up to 10 is ideal). It’s recommended that you start with the phrase “I will…”.  

Speak your Positive Affirmations out loud 2 times each day – in the morning and before going to bed. 

If you want to know the Affirmation steps in detail, go to this article at Psychology Today website.

How Positive Affirmation helps in real life?

First, it helps to motivate you with positive forces. 

Once you are positively motivated, you opt to do things that bring positive results. 

Consequently, when you feel you want to do something and start to do it, what you do will transform occasional behaviors into a truly good habit (a 1% self-improvement each day will make you 37.78 times better after one year).  

Sample Positive Affirmation

Below are some examples of Positive Affirmation for you to adapt;


I will be a happy person

I love my life

I will be a giver


I will exercise every day.

I will not get ill. 

I feel healthy each day.


I will finish work on time.

I will work at my best.

I will keep a good attitude at work every day.


I will build a great relationship with my loved one. 

I will be with my family every time they need me.

I will be a good father/mother/child/husband/wife.  


Affirmation is a simple yet powerful tool to help you turn what you really want into reality.

If you haven’t done Positive Affirmation before, it may be difficult (or awkward) at first. But once you start doing it for a few days, you will get used to it.

Lastly, if you want to practice a simple Affirmation, try it with us in the comment box below. Affirmation works wonders when there’s a witness!  🙂

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