8 Simple Daily Rituals that will Help You Succeed

Success doesn’t come overnight. Instead, it requires a number of consistent changes in your life that would take you one step closer to your goals every day. 

That makes one wonder: what’s the recipe for success? For sure, discipline and consistency are two of the primary ingredients. 

Apart from these, incorporating some rituals in your daily life also allows you to be more steadfast and in control of your day. 

Daily Rituals that will Help You Succeed

1. Wake up early 

As challenging as it may sound, waking up early is the key to success. The sooner you start your day, the more time you have to accomplish tasks. 

You don’t necessarily have to wake up before the sun does, but waking up at noon isn’t helpful either. Find the right time that works for you.

Most successful people, such as Michelle Obama and Tim Cook, are known to be early risers. Tim Cook is up and working at 3:45 am, giving the sun a competition at its own game. 

When you wake up before everyone else, you have a lot of time at your hands where you’re not distracted by others. 

Use this time to do something productive, have a healthy breakfast, or plan your day ahead. Even if you’re not doing anything work-related, spend this time on self-care or personal development. 

Instead, if you start your day at noon, you’d find yourself racing against time, trying to get things done, often to no avail. 

How to?

Sleeping on time at night will help you wake up early in the morning. Set an alarm and keep the clock away from your reach so that you have to get out of bed in the morning to turn it off. 

If you’re a heavy sleeper, get a loud alarm clock, such as the ones mentioned here

Alternatively, if you use your phone’s alarm, download an app like Alarmy that requires you to solve a puzzle or scan a barcode to turn it off. 

2. Plan your day

Planning your day enables you to manage your time like a champ. Besides boosting productivity, it also helps reduce stress. 

Make small goals for every day. For example, finish writing the report that’s due this weekend. The thrill of crossing off something from your to-do list is matchless. 

It’s very easy to get distracted by the fluffiness of your day - we’ve all been there. Have you ever started doing something and then gotten distracted by your phone for an hour? 

Planning your day prevents this. When you tackle the day with short-term goals in mind, you’re less likely to procrastinate. Plus, planning jumpstarts you for the day, getting the juices flowing. 

How to? 

To plan your day in a way that boosts productivity, get your hands on the 1% Planner from JustOneClub. It has been designed with the focus on making you 1% better every day. 

Since it has a habit tracker, you can use it to monitor your success at developing a new habit, such as reading, exercising, etc. Get it today

3. Meditate 

We’ve, quite thankfully, outlived the era when meditation was only considered a hippie thing. 

Today, corporations like Procter & Gamble and Google are convinced about the benefits of meditation, encouraging their employees to partake in mindfulness exercises. 

Today’s work life is stressful, to say the least. Meditation helps you deal with stress by looking at it from different perspectives. Moreover, it increases self-awareness, allowing you to focus on the present. 

Often, our negative emotions stand in the way of our success. Fortunately, meditation lowers these sensations, making you have an optimistic approach to life. 

Research also shows that meditation lowers the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Plus, it helps those suffering from insomnia, making it easier for them to go to sleep. 

More importantly, it makes you patient and tolerant - two traits every successful person must have. 

If you’re just beginning, take ten minutes out of your morning routine to start your day with meditation. Download an app or follow a YouTube tutorial. 

Once you get the hang of it, you can practice meditation sitting at your office desk or during the coffee break. 

How to?

If you’re new to meditation, follow a website like Headspace to learn about it. Serious enthusiasts can also take a course like this one offered on Udemy. 

Or, you can keep a meditation journal if you want to be mindful at work or away from home. Use JustOneClub’s habit tracker to monitor your success at meditation. 

4. Make time for your passion 

Many of us are stuck in the rut of our desk-bound lives, having left our passions somewhere in the past. But that’s not how it should be. 

What if your success lies in your passion rather than the nine-to-five you’re pulling off? If you don’t find joy in what you do, most likely, your passion lies elsewhere. 

But sure enough, your job helps put food on the table, so you can’t prioritize passion over it. However, you can definitely make time for both in your day. 

Take inspiration from the music icon Mozart. He didn’t have the whole day to compose music. Instead, he had to teach piano lessons, build connections with the nobility, and find clients. 

So, he hustled. Once he was done with his commissions, he dedicated the rest of his time to compositions, usually working from 11 pm to 1 am. 

How to? 

Dedicate a specific time of the day to yourself. If your schedule seems all over the place, look for empty spaces in between and use them for pursuing your passion. 

For instance, if your passion is fashion design, listen to podcasts on the subject on your commute to work or replace your Netflix binging with fashion-related shows and documentaries. 

It also helps to hang out with like-minded people who don’t let you deviate from your path. 

5. Read something 

Make it a ritual to read five or ten pages every single day. It can be a newspaper, a business magazine, online articles, or a book. 

Everyone is familiar with Warren Buffet, the billionaire and Berkshire Hathaway CEO. Even after building himself a royal life, Buffet still spends a portion of his day reading up to 500 pages.

According to him, reading builds knowledge like ‘compound interest’ - so on-brand for him. 

Being one of the wealthiest people in the world, he could spend his days by the pool, traveling the world, or merely doing nothing. Instead, he spends most of his day reading. 

That tells you a lot about how successful people carve out their days. 

Reading makes you more aware and knowledgeable about things around you. Plus, it improves your comprehension and vocabulary, making you more equipped to communicate coherently at work. 

Besides, a study confirmed that reading improves your cognition. The investigation showed that when you read, specific circuits in your brain come into play. 

As you read consistently, these circuits become stronger. Additionally, reading builds up the ‘word bank’ or the vocabulary in your mind. A scientific study has confirmed this. 

A 2019 Cengage poll showed that 69% of employers focus on soft skills, such as smooth communication. What better way to improve your odds of bagging a high-paying job than reading books? 

How to? 

Take it slow. Start by reading five or ten pages a day. 

If you can’t carry a book around at all times, download an ebook or PDF version. Buy a Kindle if possible. Goodreads is a great place to find new books to read. 

6. Wind down 

Electronic devices, such as phones, TVs, and tablets, have become our constant companions. While their usefulness is undisputed, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there’s also a form of distraction. 

Moreover, the constant influx of news and information is bound to leave you overwhelmed. 

So, take some time out of your day - preferably before going to bed - when you power off your phone. 

With no social media, messages, or phone calls to occupy your mind, you’ll have all your attention to yourself. Spend this time with the family, journal, read a book, or practice some sort of self-care. 

Rees Gillespie, the co-founder of Ripple, says that he switches his phone to ‘Do not disturb’ every evening for 45 minutes. 

He spends this time reflecting on his day, planning for the next day while taking a walk along the beach. It helps recharge his mind and prevents stress buildup. 

Similarly, Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, turns off her phone and other electronics before bed. 

More importantly, she goes home by six every single day to disconnect from her work routine. 

How to? 

If possible, turn off your phone for some time in the day. Or, you can set it to flight mode. 

Freedom is a helpful app that lets you create notification blocklists for all your devices, including computers. 

You can also turn on in-app ambient sounds, such as coffee shops or a beachside. Here are a few other apps to try. 

7. Exercise 

Your physical wellness is just as important as your mental well-being, if not more. Barack Obama would start his day early in the morning so that he could exercise. 

The misconception that exercising is only for weight loss is a bit dangerous. It leaves everyone thinking they don’t need to work out because they’re already in shape. 

However, a certain amount of daily physical activity helps you in many ways. First, it jumpstarts your mind and works better than coffee to wake you up. 

If you constantly feel tired - even as soon as you wake up in the morning - you need to hit the gym since exercising reduces fatigue, according to a six-week study. 

Second, it improves your mood and boosts mental health. 

A study showed that exercises increase the release of norepinephrine and serotonin in your body - both hormones that relieve depressive feelings.

Most importantly, it reduces your risk of falling prey to diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. 

How to?

Find a physical activity that works for you. 

If hitting the gym is not viable daily, you can cycle, swim, or simply go on a walk in the neighborhood. 

Alternatively, you can devise your own fitness routine for exercising at home. JustOneClub’s habit tracker will help you keep track of your daily physical activity. 

8. Journal 

Writing in your planner isn’t the same as journaling; let’s just clear that first. Journaling helps you keep track of your feelings and reflect on your emotions.

It enhances emotional intelligence, making you more mindful and self-aware. Make journaling a part of your morning or nighttime routine. 

Most people prefer to do it at night to dump off their feelings from the day and start fresh the following day. Besides writing your thoughts, you can also use a journal to track personal progress. 

Nowadays, there are many phone apps for journaling. However, it’s still better to use a notebook and switch off your phone when spending time on your betterment. 

How to? 

Sit in a comfortable place free of distractions when journaling. If you’re struggling to find ideas, look on Pinterest for inspiration. 

Write about minor things, like something kind you or someone else did that day, a cute coffee shop you spotted, or things you’re grateful for. 

If nothing else, start by writing about your day and dive into new ideas as you get the hang of journaling. 


You might not become consistent with these rituals right off the bat but make an effort to integrate them into your daily life for a successful future. 

When you start doing these rituals daily, you’ll notice personal growth with time. Don’t pressure yourself too much, though. The idea of success might look different for you than it does for someone else. 

Don’t hold yourself to someone else’s standards. Simply personalize these daily rituals for your needs and watch yourself blossom into the successful individual you’re destined to be. 

At JustOneClub we’ve designed the 1% Planner that comes with a habit tracker that helps you keep track of your daily routine and optimize your time wisely to reach your goals. To learn more about this tool, click here.

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