5 Ways to Become a Better Person Every Day

Abraham Maslow, a world-renowned psychologist, explained 5 basic human needs that feature Self-Actualization at the peak of his model. Maslow defined Self-Actualization as the ability to be the best version of oneself.Maslow's Hierarchy of NeedsImage from Simplypsychology

In order to be the best (version of yourself), you first have to be better. In reality, becoming the best version of yourself can’t be achieved with one-time exponential change, but it is the fruit of consistent endeavors you make along the way. 

Therefore, In this article, we are going to share with you how to become better every day.  

Try these little things and you will be getting closer to becoming “The Best Version of Yourself” 🙂   

5 ways to become a better person every day.

1. Start with the need

This is the first and the most important one. You must have the need to become a better person. If you think you’re already good or good enough, it’s probably difficult to make yourself better.

2. Jot, not just memorizing

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says, “The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory”.  

Memorizing and you can forget them as time goes by or when being distracted by something else. Instead, if you jot them down, nothing will be lost.    

To make sure you’ll always realize what you have to do, we’d recommend you to write down who you want to become and what you have to do. 

But what are the things that should be noted down or written out in order for you to become better every day? 

First, your Personal Vision & Mission Statement. Second, your goals for this quarter (or this week) (you can use OKR (Objectives & Key Results) to track your progress). Third, your daily to-dos.

We have a product called 1% Planner which you can use to write down & track your quarterly OKRs, weekly plans and your daily to-dos. It also comes with a habit tracking & affirmation tool that helps you put focus on what matters. You can learn more about it here.

3. Bring more positive energy and eliminate negative energy

It’s important to feed yourself positive energy. 

There are various activities that bring you positive energy; for example, Practice positive thinking, spend time with like-minded positive people, read good books or listen to interesting podcast programs or exercise every day.

At the same time, you should get rid of negative energy too.

What does negative energy look like?

Think working with toxic people (someone with a furious or intense mood or somebody who spends time with things that add little value to self) or Spending time absorbing negative energy from some media.

“You are what you consume”. Simple as that!

4. Create a personal daily rituals

Every day in your life, you’ve got to encounter a countless array of unexpected and ever-changing events. 

Imagine if you must keep yourself up to every little thing happening all the time, those things will finally hinder you from doing good things for your own self.  

There, creating personal daily rituals is important. In this context, personal daily rituals mean particular activities that you regularly do. 

For example, every morning you spend 5 minutes brushing your teeth, 30 minutes exercising, 30 minutes showering, 10 minutes meditating and finally leave home for your office. 

You might spend 10 minutes writing your to-do list for tomorrow, 20 minutes reading, 10 minutes meditating and then going to bed.  

Personal daily rituals make you familiar with what you have to do every day. Once you’re familiar with them, they will become habits. When these habits continue, your life is unknowingly changing day after day. Little by little, just by making yourself better by 1% each day, you’re becoming 37% better in 1 year!    

5. Do things at the right extent 

Too much of anything is bad. 

Although we told you in the previous section that personal daily rituals make you become more familiar with good things each day, it doesn’t mean that you have to be putting too much pressure on yourself.

In our opinion, doing good things for ourselves is necessary, but pushing yourself too hard isn’t a good thing because you will end up being depressed. 

Remember. Mind, Soul & Body. These are the three core elements you have to keep a good balance.  


Let us add one last bit for you.

The secret sauce of being better every day is “Stop making excuses.”

You can stop making excuses by changing some words you say to yourself, like from “I can’t…. because…”  to “Yes, I can… if…”

For example, try changing from “I can’t go to the gym 3 days a week, because I live far away. Worse, I’m really overloaded with tasks you can’t even imagine! I’ve got to party with friends and come home late…” to “I’ll go work out 3 days a week if I sleep early and focus on work, I can finish it on time.”   

See how things can change with just a little bit of idea twisting?  

Okay, now you know the 5 ways to help you become better every day. Once you finish this article, try adapting them with your routine and share with us if they work well for you! 

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