About Us

Like you, we want to become a better version of ourselves and become successful in aspects we care about.

And as you may already know that behind every success, there are good habits; habits that make you become just 1% better every day.

1% doesn't seem a lot but let's do the math...

just being 1% better every day will make you 37 times (to be more precise, 37.78 times) better in a year. That's more than 3,700%

We know that developing good habits isn't easy as it requires motivation, good plans and someone to keep you up. That's why we created JustOneClub.

We are on a mission to help you become just 1% better every day.

How we help?

Frameworks - Proven & easy-to-follow frameworks to help you get started easily.

Tools - Effective tools that help you develop good habits.

Club - A group of like-minded people that support each other.

Our team consists of makers and creative entrepreneurs who want to help you build good habits, put focus on things that matter and become a better version of yourself.

We have just launched our product called 1% Planner. You can get it here.

Welcome to JustOneClub - a club for people who are committed to being better!

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