1% Planner
1% Planner
1% Planner
1% Planner
1% Planner
1% Planner
1% Planner
1% Planner
1% Planner
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1% Planner

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What you will get in a single package

✓ 1% Planner - Undated & created for 90-day productivity cycle

✓ 3 Habit trackers and 3 Affirmation cards

Special offer: Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

Simply add 4 planners to your cart and you will automatically pay for only 3 of them 🙂

Becoming the Person You Want to Be

This 1% Planner helps you become 1% better every day
✓ increase productivity
✓ foster better habits
✓ win long-term desire without being overwhelmed

Having an unhealthy lifestyle?
Feeling difficult to strike a work-life balance?
Often ending up the day feeling unfulfilled?
Let’s make life more productive, efficient, and well-organized.

Meet your 2022 Planner

2022 Planner

Our System: A Practical Way to Plan Your Life

Goal Setting

With traditional planners, you will usually have to face long to-do lists which look impossible to achieve. Instead, we introduce you to a goal-setting framework, called OKRs, that helps you prioritize and figure out what and how you want to accomplish in an aspirational and measurable way.

Quarterly Planner (90-day Undated Planner)

A year planner is commonplace. But we see that one year is simply too long to help you clearly see your progress and celebrate your quick win. A 90-day or a quarter term is widely implemented in the business world because it lets us break down our big vision into an actionable plan and gives us the opportunity to witness the results. It is, in fact, an undated planner. So you can start your 90-day routine at any date as you wish.

Weekly Planner

There are only 13 weeks in 90 days, so use them wisely! Our planner lets you strategize and organize your weekly tasks in each of life’s major areas, including
- Body & Mind
- Personal Growth
- Work & Career
- Fun & Enjoyment
- Family & Friends
- Romantic Relationship
Progression in all these areas aids you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 1% Planner also comes with a weekly checklist and review page to let you celebrate your accomplishments and key learnings.

Daily Planner

It is not an ordinary planner with a bunch of empty bubbles and boxes. You are given, every single day, a unique, inspirational quote and tips to help you with how to start your day or how to do it right. Our daily planner comes with space for goals of the day, moods or emotions, as well as reflections and gratitude.

Habit Tracker

We made it our mission to help you develop good habits in your everyday life. With the Habit Tracker, you can create a list of tasks; drinking, sleeping, exercising, meditating, or anything else, and get this to remind yourself to be on track. It is said that we usually need about 21 days in order to form a good habit. We also give you 10 extra days so you can enjoy it like a monthly mission of becoming a better version of yourself.

Affirmation Setting

A positive result is a product of positive thinking. Self-affirmation is a great tool to set up your mindset in a way that keeps you motivated. 

Overall, our system is an integration of planning, executing, measuring and reflecting
inspired by all the following proven concepts.

* We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the authors of these books.

Superior Product Quality: So that You Want to Use it Again and Again

What’s in the Box?

1% Planner

Simply beautiful and functional, inside and out.
✓ Premium-quality papers and book cloth of three color choices
✓ Lay-flat book binding makes it easy to write on
✓ Three wayfinding ribbons so you don’t get lost and be reminded of what you have written before
✓ Convenient back pocket for extra storage
✓ A5-size planner (6" x 8.5") with 224 pages is just perfect for carrying in your hand and in your bag

Habit Tracker

✓ Three sheets of 31-day habit tracker made with thick papers
✓ Morning check-ins and evening check-ins

Affirmation Cards

✓ Three affirmation cards made with thick papers
✓ The size is extremely handy

Environmental-friendly Package

✓ Strong protection with the minimum amount of paper usage
✓ The look is just different than others – perfect for sending it as a gift :)

What our customers say


Very Helpful for Self Reflection

The 1% planner assists me in becoming less of a self-critic and found things can be made simpler by reflecting on my progress. Its quarterly time frame brings thoughts to paper- enjoying this bit of analog in my daily routine. In a year, we may surprise ourselves how each step of becoming 1% better every day may add up to. I encourage anyone who wants to achieve clarity to give it a try.

Alice N.
Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Leader
& Co-Founder of An Award-Winning Social Enterprise, Socialgiver

Life planning and journaling have never been so engaging
Let’s make 2022 your best year ever!

Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

It is designed for 90-day useSo grab four of them to organize your entire year